Worse than being left speechless is to be rendered inarticulate.  No words that I can string together express the depth of joy, love and gratefulness felt from your 10th anniversary surprise.  I have spent a couple of weeks stumbling over my words when talking to people about it.  It was one of those life moments where words simply cannot express what is in the head and heart.  So I will choose the more appropriate, and dignified, path of speechlessness and simply say, “thank you.”  The only other words that come to mind are, “We’ve only just begun.”  But before you think we are planning a Carpenters service, take a moment to think about that phrase.  Can you feel it?  Can you feel the excitement of hope and promise of tomorrow?  10 years is the longest I’ve stayed in any one place, not because of wanderlust or the Witness Protection Program, but because I thrive on challenge, growth, the opportunity to give something impactful to a community, and the ability to be part of something greater than myself.  For being that perfect confluence, I am grateful to GCC.  The bicycle already has many miles on it, the cards and letters have been read with utter humility, and those tall, upright rectangular gift bags have been opened and shared.  Here’s to the next 10 years!

With love and admiration,

Gary Wendt

Minister for Music & Organist



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