Each summer we are blessed with the gifts of our musical volunteers who share during worship in a wide variety of ways.  From solos to small ensembles, instruments to voices, we bring people together to make music in ways unlike the “program year.”  Thank you to our summer musicians this year!


14           Vocalist – Gary Wendt

Guitarist – Dan Fergus

21           Pilgrim Chorus

28           Instrumentalists –  Sue Cunningham, flute; Edie Harrison, clarinet

Vocalists –  Jason & Karen Ornduff, Jason & Lumi Stutz

Summer Bell Choir –  Carolyn Keller, Sue Newberry, Leisl Jaberg


5             Guest Organist – Stephen Alltop

Summer Choir – Tom Macfadden, Director

12           Guest Organist – Stephen Alltop

Vocalist –  Tricia Melzer Swaydrak

19           Pianist – Barry Nelson

Vocalists – Donna Scott, Russ Hiltz

26           Vocalists – Hands of Peace Singers

Vocalist – Courtney Sherman

Instrumentalists – Katherine Hughes, violin; Kevin Kizer, saxophone


2             Drop-In Choir, Guillermo Munoz-Kuster, Conductor

Instrumentalists – Edie Harrison & Kevin Kizer, clarinet

9             Vocalists –  The Ornduff Family Singers

Instrumentalists – Sue Cunningham, flute; Edie Harrison, clarinet

16           Vocalists – Jamie Chodoroff & Sheryl Long

Instrumentalists – Sue Newberry, Doug McCarthy, handbells

23           Summer Bell Choir, with St. David’s Bell Choir

Vocalists – Leanne Drennan, Alex Roth

Instrumentalist – Kathryn Heiser, flute

30           Vocalist – Tom Aldrich


6             Guest Pianist – Pam Keckler

Instrumentalist – Katherine Hughes, violin

Vocalist – Mickey Safstrom


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