Friends of Music Fund Thanks You!


Glenview Community Church is blessed to have a fund from which we purchase some of our dreams and wishes – “one-time purchase” types of things and items not included in the operating budget.  The Music Board and Music Staff want to thank all of you for supporting the music ministry of this church through this fund over the many decades the fund has been in existence.  Your donations this past year alone have allowed us to:

  • Hire a band for our St. Patrick’s Day supper
  • Purchase new, lockable file cabinets for the Children’s Choir library
  • Hire a summer “intern” to set up data base and begin cataloging the Clonts Reserve Library of rare sacred and secular solo/duet/ensemble literature
  • Purchase a small copy machine for the Clonts Library
  • Purchase music for the Pilgrim Wind Quartet, which has no budget
  • Pay for moving a new piano donated to GCC for use in the Mayflower Room
  • Give an annual monetary gift to Simple Gifts Concert Series, which has no budget
  • Purchase gloves and mallets for the Joyful Ringers
  • Purchase a bell tree stand for the Joyful Ringers
  • Purchase folders for the Chancel Choir
  • Purchase peripheral equipment for the new timpani (mallets, etc.)
  • Commission a handbell piece for the Joyful Ringers in celebration of their 30th Anniversary in program year 2015-2016
  • Commission an organ piece for the 75th Anniversary of GCC
  • Commission a hymn for the 75th Anniversary of GCC

The Music Board and Music Staff collaborate each year to create a “wish list” to help support the vibrancy and forward movement of this treasured resource – the music ministry of GCC.  To make a donation, simply send your gift to the GCC office clearly marked for the Friends of Music, or put a “Music Offering” envelope (found in the lobby kiosks) into the Sunday offering plates.   Thank you for your continued support!

-The Music Board & Music Staff of GCC


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