The King’s Journey – A Concert Reading

King's Journey Jan 2016

Congratulations to everyone involved in The King’s Journey on Sunday, January 10, 2016. An opera in 2 acts, The King’s Journey was composed by Rev. Bobbie McKay (music) and Lew Musil (story).  The story was presented in concert style by members of our Chancel Choir.  We ran out of programs, we had such a great turn-out!  Thank you to the many people who made this production possible:

Bruce Wedell – Halim

Barry Nelson – The Postman/God

Tom Aldrich – Melchior

Sheryl Long – Cyrus

Tricia Melzer Swaydrak – Yasmin

Beth Raebel – God

The Prologue Chorus:  Bill Cooper, Doug Hively, Char Melzer, Karen Aldrich, Kathy Johnson, Erin Santostefano


Bobbie McKay & Lew Musil – Composers & Artistic Directors

Barry Nelson – Technical Production

Philip Nelson – Sound Recording & Video

Bryant Nelson – Lighting

Sheryl Long – Publicity

Debby Shellard – Assistant to the Directors

Guillermo Munoz Kuster – Musical Director

Gary Wendt – Accompanist

Jason & Lumi Stutz, Betsy Martin & members of the Music Board – Reception




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