Simple Gifts – A Community Concert Series

simple gifts.jpg

2016-2017 Season

Number of Concerts = 8

Audience Members = 1600+

Community Value = Priceless


It is difficult to attach a number to the impact GCC’s Simple Gift Concert Series has on our community.  The series brings together groups of behind-the-scenes volunteers (stage crew, performers, ambassadors, homestay hosts for visiting choirs), generates money, awareness and support for important causes (Toys For Tots, Breast Cancer Research, Northfield Township Food Pantry, Hands of Peace), connects us with community service, military and veterans groups and brings together people from Glenview and beyond through the power of music.  Our mission is to “nourish the souls of all who enter” with high quality, innovative, community-based programming.  Thank you for your continued support of one of GCC’s most visible and impactful outreach ministries!  Stay tuned for our new season!

 Simple Gifts logo2.JPG


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  1. Gary, Simple Gifts is a wonderful gift for all of us; we are so grateful for all you do to imagine what the series and our outreach can be. Many thanks, Betsy Martin


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