Simple Gifts 2017-2018 Concert Season

Welcome to the 2017-2018 concert season at Glenview Community Church.  With its variety of musical styles and sonorities, Simple Gifts hopes to touch and nourish the souls of all who enter here, creating a celebration through music shared by congregational, community and international artists.  Our concerts support local charitable organizations and promote social justice in […]

GCC Choirs Back in the Swing – JOIN US!

You’re invited to participate in the ensembles of GCC!  Our program year begins in just a few weeks, and all are welcome.  Join us as we begin another exciting year of musical leadership and ministry! STARTUP TIMELINE VOICES OF GCC|AUG.20 ••• PILGRIM WIND QUARTET|AUG.23 ••• JOYFUL RINGERS|AUG.31 ••• CHANCEL CHOIR|AUG.31 ••• PRIMARY CHOIR|SEPT.17 Chancel Choir […]