Since the end of April, most of our 3865 organ pipes have been in the factory for cleaning and repairs.  They are ready to be returned to the organ chambers, tuned and voiced (adjusted for balance within each rank of pipes, balance among ranks of pipes, etc.), which will take a majority of the month of August.  Thank you to Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders of Bellwood, IL for their meticulous work in cleaning and restoring our King of Instruments!


In addition to cleaning & repairs, we have moved one of the blowers for the organ out of the chambers and into the “choir stairwell.”  Though it was part of the original plan for the organ in 1999 to install this blower in the stairwell, it was inserted to the organ chamber itself, resulting in a loud hissing sound that we have become accustomed to in the sanctuary.  The blower supports the higher wind pressure of the Major Tuba rank of pipes – our largest sounding solo reed stop.  This was part of the “While We’re At It” list of work done to the organ over the past few months.  Stay tuned for more before/after pictures of some of the other work that has been done to help the Buzard, Opus 21 sing even better than she did before!


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