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Kid Chimes Original Composition

Kid Chimes is back with an original composition for March 8th.  We’ve been working through February on improvising our own melodies, giving them rhythm and a note to always return to (so that it feels like it has a tonal center).  Check out the video of our first improvisation session that will lead to our original work, currently untitled:

Click here for video.





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Choir Survey Results

In Fall of 2014 the Chancel Choir had a mini retreat on a Saturday morning at GCC.  We rehearsed for a couple of hours, then had a “working lunch” while we revisited a large survey that *all* music volunteers participated in the previous spring.  At the retreat, the feedback and data from our spring survey was shared, and we had roundtable discussions about a few questions we were left with.  The Music Board then took all of the input from both the spring survey and fall retreat and compiled a list of *trends*.  The trends are important for prioritizing action, but we still have the complete list for future revisiting.  Click below for the survey/retreat trends:

Chancel Choir Survey/Retreat trends